Thank you for stopping by my website and checking things out. I hope that you will come by and check for updates occasionally.

I have been tinkering with computers since I was a kid. Everyone who knows me will tell you that when I get something new the first thing I will do is take it apart to see what makes it tick. That would definitely explain how I ended up in the technology industry. Everything from bending pins on that old Pentium 4 processor to the learning curve that I have suffered through building this site; I have learned the important “what not to do’s.”

I am a member at Privateer Yacht Club on Chickamauga Lake. I own an Impulse 26 fractional Sloop and a Melges 14 dinghy. On the weekends I am usually either working on a boat or sailing one.

Corey’s Reading List

This is a shortlist of books that may interest you.

Corey’s Music List

A music list for things that I hear and need reminding of.

Corey’s Bike Rides

A list of “goal rides” mostly in the Chattanooga area.