Thank you for stopping by my website and checking things out. I hope that you will come by and check for updates occasionally.

Columbia, TN is where I grew up. Chattanooga became my home when college seemed like a good idea. I met my beautiful wife Maggie here and decided to finally grow up in my early twenties. Information Technology is my fortè. I’m a systems engineer in my professional life. Anything Microsoft is my day to day responsibilities at a medium sized manufacturing company.

I have been tinkering with computers since I was a kid. Everyone who knows me will tell you that when I get something new the first thing I will do is take it apart to see what makes it tick. That would definitely explain how I ended up in the technology industry. Everything from bending pins on that old Pentium 4 processor to the learning curve that I have suffered through building this site; I have learned the important “what not to do’s.”

Privateer Yacht Club on Chickamauga Lake is my second home. I own an Impulse 26 fractional Sloop with my best friend and a Melges 14 dinghy. On the weekends in the summer you might find me swimming off the dock at PYC or out sailing.

Bike riding is another activity for the summer. I have two single speeds and one geared bike. My preference is single speed and only keep the geared road bike around for rides with a fast paced group. These days riding is a pleasure and not some weird macho thing that it was when I was a teenager.

Winter is time for rest, tech projects, and coffee. Short days and cold weather are depressing. Maggie makes fun of me by saying I get “seasonally depressed.” She’s not wrong.

My tendency is towards a moderately conservative lifestyle. Nonsense and hypocrisy are intolerable as far as I’m concerned. Religion is not my thing but humanity’s use of it intriguing. Some people have described me as “an old soul” or “crusty” which I embrace with open arms.

Corey’s Music List

A music list for things that I hear and need reminding of.

Corey’s Reading List

This is a shortlist of books that may interest you.

Corey’s Bike Rides

A list of “goal rides” mostly in the Chattanooga area.