Self Hosted Blog

Why? I’m sure it’s something a lot of die hard bloggers out there are wondering. The short answer, I’m an I.T. guy at heart.

Besides, i have all the equipment up and running to begin with. I guess deep down there is something satisfying about supporting your own creation. It must be similar to how those “prepers” feel when they build a fallout shelter under their home……… Okay, it’s not that weird.

Hosting has been a years long educational experience. The evolution of going from a single host computer to dual virtual hosts with shared storage has been a roller coaster of crash and burns, to a G6 cruising a mile high. Hands on learning is invaluable these days and seems to be looked over as pencil pushers call the shots of what experience should look like.

Anyway, this site has been up for a while and of course I’ve been working on other things. I think it’s time i started posting and making this thing worth browsing. Buckle up and hang on for the ride!

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